Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sitting in Lab

So I really have been trying to post pictures of our three day meeting because it was awesome!! But for some reason I can't post pictures right now. I don't know what's up but anyways hopefully soon. I am sitting in my very pointless genomic lab right now which as you can see is full of very stimulating thoughts. We learn so much in this lab, I mean there is no time for playing around or things like blogging. I really don't know how I have time to breathe really. It's amazing how much I have learned about...well I really can't tell you because it would be way too complicated for you.

Ok so next random topic, I am out of school in one week. ONE WEEK! WOW, I am not kidding, time flies. And college is gone in a flash. But I have found the best way to prevent this. Stay, four year degrees are totally overrated. Seriously, 8 years of school is definitely the way to go.

But speaking of ONE week I have a paper and 4 lovely finals that I must get to. So I depart.


joe4444 said...

I will stay in college 8 years, but only to earn a 4 year degree.

Btw please sign the petition for more ZR meetings, details on my blawg.

Boobah_Commander said...

Haha...I completely agree with you Emily, staying in college for 8 years (9 in my case) is definitely the way to go. To quote papa Kinsaul: "Stay in college as long as you can, and don't get married till you're 30!"

So far I'm holding up on both parts - so we'll see how it works out. No disrespect towards you youngins that decide to get married at an early age: just not for me.

Keep on posting and keeping this poor law school student entertained as I study for exams the next two weeks.

Owl of the Desert said...

Yeah...I wanna post some pictures, too...maybe this weekend I can go by Wal-Mart, print my pictures, and copy them to my compie.

Genomic lab...fun...uh-huh...