Sunday, May 25, 2008

Must be at that age

1 of 5/6 weddings for 2008
Josh and Lou Lafayette
May 17,2008
Many of you may remember my friend Lou from Auburn, aka the owner of the giant spoon. She and Josh got married at the Auburn University Art Museum this past saturday and it was such a happy time for all. It was great to have an excuse to see friends again. I miss them all so much. But no worries it won't be long before i see them again. In October our other friend brigette is getting married. Yea!

Wittel Women: Morgan, Brigette, Lou, Bridget, Kitch
(minus Catie Anne)
I love this pictures. It's always fun to look at the groom as the bride walks down the aisle.

Lou and her Dad

No need for a caption here:)

This is more like it!

Adam came with me. He's friends with them too so yeah, it was fun.
Stay tune for other weddings and fun times of the season.