Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oh How Awesome It Has Been

The Roommates!! I love them
Did I every tell you I LOVE sno biz. We go all the time
We went to the beach for spring break. This is Josh telling us bible stories in a really funny british accent.
They came to Jasper, we shot potato guns on the farm.
Also Alabama game I believe. I just like this picture. Awesome kid that Delaney. He sold his Alabama ticket then dressed up like a member of the chorus and got into the game, FREE!
Byron's Tuesday! 5.00 for two barbeque sandwiches, a side and a drink. Did I mention Tommy Tuberville ate there all the time with us..yea he talked to us once.
Toomer's corner after the Alabama game.
MY FAVORITE!! WE beat Alabama every year I was here!! WAR EAGLE!!
The really scary abandoned factory they actually talked me into going into. Never again, can you tell i'm really freaked out here.
Fun in the Walmart freezer! Always entertaining
The big spoon had to make the cut! (all for you Queen)
The invention of titty ball.
We play dress up ALL the time! Yea we're cool like that.
I haven't paid for a single Chick-fil-A meal since this night. We camped out at the home of the chicken sandwich all night just for that reason. The boys did not allow for one moments sleep, they had Lou and I laughing all night long. Another good night because this is when I met one of my best friends Jeff. (he's in pharmacy too)
One of our many trips to Atlanta which is only 2hrs away from here. This is a really good pizza place called Fillini's. The guys were really mad at us because we beat them to the place when they were the ones with the directions.
Oh, the night of Wanda!! I really feel that you needed to be there..definitely one of my fondest memories and an absolutly hilarious night. Delaney and the 6 of us girls made up a little song about each other and Wanda that night. Good times..
ACF: My first real friends at Auburn, a HUGE part of my Auburn experience. Perry, the bearded one in the middle, is our campus minister and an amazing leader. So thankful for him.

7 days and counting.
It really is hard for me to believe. It seems like just yesterday, seriously, just yesterday that I was moving into a small confined space that was only made smaller by the body of my roommate and all of her stuff, meeting all my friends, having my first class of over a 100 people, taking my first college exam, using the ATM for the first time, buying my own grocieries with the help of self checkout(not yet before seen by me), eating alone in Foy, ordering delivery sandwiches, writing a check for 3.00 to buy icecream, going over the "Bump" on Wire Rd. at all hours of the night (its hard to time it let me tell ya) man the list goes on and on of first for me as I moved to Auburn. So since this amazing time for me that has taught me so much about myself, life, friends, and family is coming to an end, I will attempt to show you just "how awesome it has been"!

Sunday, July 23, 2006



Explanation: I am currently studying for the Series 7 test. It covers pretty much all investment material, and if I pass it, I can trade pretty much any security. I will be a General Securities Representative. So, this is a pretty important test. Now, aside from paying for the actual test, which my employer so graciously paid for, studying for this thing could be expensive. I don't mind studying at my apartment, but I definitely fall asleep faster. So, I like to study with background noise. One of my favorite places to study in Tuscaloosa was Crimson Cafe, a nice coffee shop with good desserts and good sandwiches. The coffee wasn't too bad either. :-) So, here in B'ham, I have found O'Henry's. A nice little coffee shop. Good background music. Good background conversations. And really, really good coffee. Now, I'm not normally a coffee person. I'm not. But, I have discovered lately that caramel lattes aren't the only thing I'll drink. I discovered I could really become addicted to plain ole Hazelnut coffee. And, that my friends, is where my pocketbook could be in trouble. Yes, I could make coffee at home, but I would miss out on that coffee shop atmosphere. And, that, too, is important. So, as long as I'm studying, I'll probably be frequenting some coffee shop on a regular basis.

Not to mention buying cinnamon gum, which I hear improves retention and helps people do better on tests. (Yes, people have actually studied that sort of thing. Crazy, huh?)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Prayer Request

Please pray for one of my friends from UA, Kristen Trotter. I was just browsing Facebook, and looking at friends who had updated their profiles. I discovered Kristen has been spending her summer in Beirut, Lebanon writing for The Daily Star newspaper. (She's quite the world traveler. She spent a semester in Egypt last year.) Anyways, she's sorta stuck there currently, until they evacuate the Americans, because Israel bombed the airport. She said she is safe and fine right now, unless Israel starts "carpet bombing residential areas."

Please pray for her safekeeping and safe return to the U.S.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

"People get ready, Jesus is coming..."

As thing escalate in the Middle East, I am reminded:

"And, behold, I come quickly: and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be."

"He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. A-men'. Even so, come, Lord Jesus." (20)

Revelation 22

Monday, July 10, 2006

Rafting Trip

This weekend some of my best friends and I went on a rafting trip. Unfortunately I don't have any actual rafting pictures because obviously my camera is not waterproof. So the group picture was taken that morning before rafting at the bear shelter where we stayed the night. It was so beautiful and there was an amazing view. You can see the lake behind us. After getting very little sleep at the bear shelter we headed for breakfast and rafting. We had three rafts with Riley, Lee and Brett as our captains. Riley being a certified guide so he let Caleb and Brian try at being captain for a while. So I was on Lee's raft with Natalie, Jim and Derrick. We were pretty much an awesome team once we all decided that if we actually listened to Lee we wouldn't get stuck on rocks or hit trees which we did once before. So all this to say, it was awesome and my friends are awesome and we're definitely doing it again!

Monday, July 03, 2006

More PICS! Some of my Favs:

Sister Sharon gracefully steps out of the kiddie pool after being politely placed inside. What a tradition. 11 years going strong.

Zanna feeds Ranger Owens.

The ladies in the kitchen (& Brother Talley) take a much deserved rest. this picture is just really cool. Looks like something from a magazine ad.

Wheelbarrow race!!

Girls dominate. Every time.

Brother Charles & Sister Hazel stroll down the road together. I love this picture!

BullyBall! It was very intense! And very dusty!

Elyowenay...looking very Irish in his green attire and holding gold pieces. Aye.

Table, you beat me to it. So, those are some of my favorite pics.

Words can't fully describe how much fun HH was, among other things. I was revived spiritually, physically, & mentally. I can still hear the music we sang in my head. I have to be very careful at work to keep my humming to a minimum. :-) Hope you are having a blessed week.