Sunday, July 23, 2006



Explanation: I am currently studying for the Series 7 test. It covers pretty much all investment material, and if I pass it, I can trade pretty much any security. I will be a General Securities Representative. So, this is a pretty important test. Now, aside from paying for the actual test, which my employer so graciously paid for, studying for this thing could be expensive. I don't mind studying at my apartment, but I definitely fall asleep faster. So, I like to study with background noise. One of my favorite places to study in Tuscaloosa was Crimson Cafe, a nice coffee shop with good desserts and good sandwiches. The coffee wasn't too bad either. :-) So, here in B'ham, I have found O'Henry's. A nice little coffee shop. Good background music. Good background conversations. And really, really good coffee. Now, I'm not normally a coffee person. I'm not. But, I have discovered lately that caramel lattes aren't the only thing I'll drink. I discovered I could really become addicted to plain ole Hazelnut coffee. And, that my friends, is where my pocketbook could be in trouble. Yes, I could make coffee at home, but I would miss out on that coffee shop atmosphere. And, that, too, is important. So, as long as I'm studying, I'll probably be frequenting some coffee shop on a regular basis.

Not to mention buying cinnamon gum, which I hear improves retention and helps people do better on tests. (Yes, people have actually studied that sort of thing. Crazy, huh?)


Table of Stone said...

First of all, Hazelnut is disgusting..I've tried it. And if you haven't tried it in a latte DON'T! And second of all, we must be related because you are goofy! People need to realize : )

rachel tsunami said...

this has me chuckling...and remembering...

now that you've perfected your nest, how did the actual studying go? ::still chuckling::

Owl of the Desert said...

Well...on this current chapter, one of the hardest in the book, I'm averaging about 10 pages per hour, or hour and a half. So, not much page wise, but the Lord is blessing me with understanding, and I'm thankful for that.

Plus, I'm in the home stretch now...this chapter and one more left. (Although, that's not including all the reviewing I need to do.)