Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The bear died a cruel death...

To mark the occasion of Table of Stone's 21st Birthday, Elyowenah and I conspired to throw a grand surprise party. We all kept the secret quite well. Many friends joined us, and we hid in the dark as Ely went to pick her up. They were supposed to go out, but, oops, "he forgot something." When she came through the door: SURPRISE!!!!

Her friends from Auburn came up, and quickly they conspired to (cue Darth Vadar theme music) KILL THE BEAR. Believe it or not, Publix makes a really great 3-d cake. Ely got a teddy bear cake with a Pharmacy coat on it. But life wasn't to be happy for this bear...


First, we set him on fire, while merrily singing happy birthday.

Then, we sliced him right in half. It was all downhill from there. His body sort of became a blob, which began to fall all over the place, moving in various and sundry ways - bending backwards, falling sideways. We tried to do emergency surgery, but he ended up disheveled. And besides, our emergency surgery was slowly giving way to multiple amputations.

All in all, the party was a blast, if I do say so myself. Happy 21st, dear Sis. You're pretty much awesome, ;-), and I love ya.

Friday, October 20, 2006

I love my family!

Ok, so mine and derrick's picture got posted twice. Whoops! But I really just wanted to show you these pictures because they make me happy when i look at them. We don't get to hang out as much as we would like these days, especially with derrick in tuscaloosa. So we went to an Alabama game. They weren't playing anybody real good so the game was not all that exciting but we had fun just hanging out. You may have noticed mine and Adam's face along with Laura and Derrick' s face in the last two pictures. These are our mad faces because two kids sitting behind us were being incredibly annoying! So anyways, enjoy the pictures.

P.S. no worries guys, while crimson is not a bad color on me, I will NOT be trading in my orange and blue anytime soon. : )

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Some quotes...

"Growing old...that's earned." The Guardian
*Making a point that if you're older and have wrinkles, it means you've been blessed to enjoy the sun. If you're older and have achy, sore muscles, it means you've been blessed to work. Etc.

This past weekend I listened to a sermon titled "Being Salt and Light", preached by Dr. Tony Evans at a Promise Keepers conference (in 1995, I think). It was nice and fiery, and filled with lots of good quotes. For example:

"We don't need no secret agent Christians!"

"You are not a nurse. No, no, no. You are God's representative in the field of nursing. You are there to show people what God looks like when He cares for people. You are not a corporate executive. No, no, no. You are God's representative in the corporate world. You are there to show people what God looks like when He makes a deal." (Might be kinda paraphrased, but you get the point).

Anyways, just thought I'd share.