Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The bear died a cruel death...

To mark the occasion of Table of Stone's 21st Birthday, Elyowenah and I conspired to throw a grand surprise party. We all kept the secret quite well. Many friends joined us, and we hid in the dark as Ely went to pick her up. They were supposed to go out, but, oops, "he forgot something." When she came through the door: SURPRISE!!!!

Her friends from Auburn came up, and quickly they conspired to (cue Darth Vadar theme music) KILL THE BEAR. Believe it or not, Publix makes a really great 3-d cake. Ely got a teddy bear cake with a Pharmacy coat on it. But life wasn't to be happy for this bear...


First, we set him on fire, while merrily singing happy birthday.

Then, we sliced him right in half. It was all downhill from there. His body sort of became a blob, which began to fall all over the place, moving in various and sundry ways - bending backwards, falling sideways. We tried to do emergency surgery, but he ended up disheveled. And besides, our emergency surgery was slowly giving way to multiple amputations.

All in all, the party was a blast, if I do say so myself. Happy 21st, dear Sis. You're pretty much awesome, ;-), and I love ya.


Dani said...

Happy birthday, even a bit belated. Way to go on doing in that evil Bear.

Queen Shenaynay said...

happy birthday, stone woman!

joe4444 said...

That was an awesome idea, and a very Happy Birthday to Ms. Table of Stone. ;)

rachel tsunami said...

ack! Almost a week late! Of course, at our house, our birthdays last all week long. The better to party and be spoiled.

Happiest of B'Days, Table.

You're a WOMAN now! Ha!

Love you