Wednesday, August 26, 2009

He Found My Accusations Amusing

Time: August 23rd, Sunday night, 9:30-ish
Place: Wendy's

Table of Stone: Yes, I would like two small fries and a small Frosty.
Cashier: That was two small fries and a Frosty?
Table of Stone: Yep.
Cashier: That will be $5.72.
Me: WHAT??? $5.72??? He must have gotten something wrong. There is NO WAY it could be $5.72. I thought we ordered 99 cent items. Even with tax that doesn't add up to $5.72. I'm going to ask him about it.
Table: Yeah, that doesn't make any sense!

We discuss this until we reach the window, while our friend in the car behind us is laughing. I'm reminiscing my college days when I could pay for a Frosty with change collected in my car. For you "young folk" out there, that was before a Frosty could be "vanilla", or mixed with oreos. If my total is $5.72, I figure I might should ask if he gave us chocolate, since we didn't specify, even though everyone knows that a TRUE Frosty is chocolate.

Me: How much is your Frosty these days? (trying to sound nonchalant, but having a slight edge nonetheless)
Cashier: (smirking behind the counter) It's $1.75.
Me AND Table of Stone: THAT is OUTRAGEOUS! When did they get so expensive? We thought they were still 99 cents. I'm sorry, this is not your fault. You do not have any control over this. We're just shocked.
Cashier: (not responding, but trying desperately not to laugh)

So, we drive away. With our two small fries and single Frosty. I could have bought a whole meal for $5.72.