Wednesday, June 18, 2008

These Guys are Awesome!

A couple of weekends ago, Adam and I decided to go on a preaching trip to Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church in Dalark(sp?), Arkansas with my mom and dad. I haven't been on a trip with them in so long and I forgot how much fun they can be. We had so much fun and the church was just precious. And the best part being that we made some cool new friends. We might just share them with you in a couple of days at singing school. We'll think about it anyways;)

Right before we left for church on Sunday morning. Adam, John, Seth, and me.
These guys are extremely talented, along with their mom and dad of course. Sister Becky is on the bass, Elder Gary on the guitar, John on the fiddle, and Seth on the mandolin.
We had two little "jam fests" while we were there. Such a blessing.
They also taught us how to play the Wii. Which we have never done and it's probably good I don't have one because I would be addicted. I think Seth might be already.
This pretty much raps it up I think. We are so glad that we got to hang out with the Harvey's and I hope that we can visit again really soon.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Let the Countdown begin...

10 DAYS LEFT until...


I know it's hard to contain the excitement! Sometimes I get so excited I feel I could just burst!!!Just know that you are not alone. Soon we shall be together, fellowshiping, praising Jesus in song, and having just a good 'ol time.

Can't wait to see you there.