Friday, March 24, 2006

Gonzaga Wins

At least they did in my book. Adam Morrison, cry your heart out. I'll cry with you. Ya'll deserved to win last night against UCLA. But, it's hard to beat referees that won't give you anything.

Gonzaga was leading the whole game until the last score. With five minutes to go, and Gonzaga up by ten, UCLA starts fouling Gonzaga like crazy. And, they should have - they were LOSING. But, alas, the refs didn't see a single foul. Gonzaga took their shots, but with UCLA all over them, they didn't score again. UCLA made their shots on the other end of the court, and UCLA won at the last buzzer.

Their have been a lot of close games this tournament - really good, even-matched teams battling it out. But, Gonzaga was clearly the better team last night, and it broke my heart to see them lose. And, it just made me mad when the annoucers said repeatedly that UCLA was the better team. Nope, not buying it.

So, that's that...Go Gonzaga.


On a different note, we had a yard sale today. Yesterday was filled with fun memories of the past as we looked through most of the boxes stored away in the attic. Mom and I found mine, Stone, and Reya's old toys. It was so much fun to look through all that stuff! (And the toys were kept!)

Throughout the day I would find things I wanted to, shorts, a vase, a canopener, a glass cake holder and a glass plate, a welcome sign that my Great Uncle George made, drinking glasses, AND....

A huge, gallon-size bucket filled with CRAYONS! I was very happy with this find. You see, I thought we had given it away. I spent many happy days in my childhood coloring with those crayons, taking care to pick just the right color. Midnight blue, or periwinkle? Goldenrod or burnt sienna? I just couldn't bear to part with such a great collection of colors. So, for now, I will store them, and maybe my children (Lord willing) will have as much fun with them as I did.

'Til next time...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Weekend of Awesomeness

So yea, I have a friend in this totally awesome band Iceland, that is if you like that really hard rock stuff with screaming into the microphone and well stuff. No, really they are good, just not my type of music. But Josh is my friend and they were playing in Auburn this weekend and so we all rounded up to go see them at Roosters. He is one of the funniest humans on this planet, no I'm serious and it is so fun to get to see him play. Adam and Laura can back me up on that one as they came down for the weekend to hang out with me. That is us doing our Iceland sign along with some of my Auburn friends. Just thought I would share.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


One way to a woman's and poetry.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Man, I wish i could think of something to blog about, cause I'm in the mood for bloggin

Monday, March 13, 2006

March Madness!!!! I enjoy basketball, and I keep up with it to a certain degree. But, when I fill out my bracket, I do so for pure amusement. I don't really know the ins and outs to every team, so my choices may seem odd...I pick teams with good past records, the underdogs that I would love to see upset some big names (like UAB over UConn!), etc.

(No, I don't gamble with my bracket...that would be very silly on my part.)

So, here it is:

Now...some explanations...all totally opinion and only partly based on what I've read or watched. You've been warned.

1) Duke always does good/well. Period.

2) Many of the SEC teams have had great seasons. However, I doubt Alabama and Arkansas will make it far with the teams they are up against. On the other hand, Tennessee, Florida, and LSU have the opportunity to go strong.

3) Gonzaga has a cool name. And they seem to always do well, also. So I have them upsetting UCLA, to go against Memphis in the Elite Eight.

4) I would love to see UAB upset UConn. I know nothing about how UConn has done this year, but UAB has been outstanding, and I hope this is the year for them.

5) I have no explanation for why I picked Ohio St. to beat Villanova other than this: It would be an upset, and Ohio St. is a HUGE school...I figure they are pretty good.

6)If UAB beats UConn, why not have them beat Ohio St. as well, and play Memphis in the championship game. Best two out of three?? :-)

What do ya'll think?

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Votes are In!!...oh wait

I'M A BULLDOG IN THE FALL!! McWhorter School of Pharmacy here I come.
After three years of being a very faithful Auburn tiger, I am throwin it in to go to pharmacy school back in Birmingham. Wow, I can't believe all that stuff is over. No more applications or interviews or thinking about where to go, etc. I am finally happy with where I'm going and what I'm going to be doing there. The decision really came down to this past weekend at the Florida fellowship meeting. I was pretty much stressed about having to make the decision the next week and having absolutly no clue as to what I "wanted" to do. So God made the decision for me that weekend. Which I am so thankful for. He made me realize that my reasons for wanting to stay at Auburn were worldly reasons and that I would be better off spiritually with a move to Birmingham. This realization made me so excited. And I was so excited to see God work like that because I had been praying without getting a clear answer I felt like. I may just not have been listening which is probably not too far off from the truth. But isn't it great that God will still work things out for you even when you aren't cooperating. God's love is amazing and I have experienced that in this decision. Thanks for all the prayers!