Friday, March 24, 2006

Gonzaga Wins

At least they did in my book. Adam Morrison, cry your heart out. I'll cry with you. Ya'll deserved to win last night against UCLA. But, it's hard to beat referees that won't give you anything.

Gonzaga was leading the whole game until the last score. With five minutes to go, and Gonzaga up by ten, UCLA starts fouling Gonzaga like crazy. And, they should have - they were LOSING. But, alas, the refs didn't see a single foul. Gonzaga took their shots, but with UCLA all over them, they didn't score again. UCLA made their shots on the other end of the court, and UCLA won at the last buzzer.

Their have been a lot of close games this tournament - really good, even-matched teams battling it out. But, Gonzaga was clearly the better team last night, and it broke my heart to see them lose. And, it just made me mad when the annoucers said repeatedly that UCLA was the better team. Nope, not buying it.

So, that's that...Go Gonzaga.


On a different note, we had a yard sale today. Yesterday was filled with fun memories of the past as we looked through most of the boxes stored away in the attic. Mom and I found mine, Stone, and Reya's old toys. It was so much fun to look through all that stuff! (And the toys were kept!)

Throughout the day I would find things I wanted to, shorts, a vase, a canopener, a glass cake holder and a glass plate, a welcome sign that my Great Uncle George made, drinking glasses, AND....

A huge, gallon-size bucket filled with CRAYONS! I was very happy with this find. You see, I thought we had given it away. I spent many happy days in my childhood coloring with those crayons, taking care to pick just the right color. Midnight blue, or periwinkle? Goldenrod or burnt sienna? I just couldn't bear to part with such a great collection of colors. So, for now, I will store them, and maybe my children (Lord willing) will have as much fun with them as I did.

'Til next time...


Reagainzer said...

I think you are right about the refs....they were pretty bad!
It was pretty sad to se Morrison crying.

Eugene said...

Oh, dear. I love Crayons! So many colors, so many choices, so many possibilities.

joe4444 said...

Man I was hurting for Morrison in that one. Even though I've never been too fond of the guy, I had his back in that game, its a shame it went down in the end.

You know what you can do with those crayons? take the blue, orange, and I think black one too, and make a big Memphis "M" with the Tiger jumping out of it. Because thats what you'll see lots of today at 6 if your tune in to CBS. Time to avenge Morrison's lose!!!


DrSmyth said...

Gonzaga wins.....(with a tear in his eye) and Memphis looses. Oh what times are these.

toesthattwinkle said...

What I LOVE about crayons: THERE'S SO MANY COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM!!!! crayons are awesome, so are those color changing markers...;)