Monday, March 13, 2006

March Madness!!!! I enjoy basketball, and I keep up with it to a certain degree. But, when I fill out my bracket, I do so for pure amusement. I don't really know the ins and outs to every team, so my choices may seem odd...I pick teams with good past records, the underdogs that I would love to see upset some big names (like UAB over UConn!), etc.

(No, I don't gamble with my bracket...that would be very silly on my part.)

So, here it is:

Now...some explanations...all totally opinion and only partly based on what I've read or watched. You've been warned.

1) Duke always does good/well. Period.

2) Many of the SEC teams have had great seasons. However, I doubt Alabama and Arkansas will make it far with the teams they are up against. On the other hand, Tennessee, Florida, and LSU have the opportunity to go strong.

3) Gonzaga has a cool name. And they seem to always do well, also. So I have them upsetting UCLA, to go against Memphis in the Elite Eight.

4) I would love to see UAB upset UConn. I know nothing about how UConn has done this year, but UAB has been outstanding, and I hope this is the year for them.

5) I have no explanation for why I picked Ohio St. to beat Villanova other than this: It would be an upset, and Ohio St. is a HUGE school...I figure they are pretty good.

6)If UAB beats UConn, why not have them beat Ohio St. as well, and play Memphis in the championship game. Best two out of three?? :-)

What do ya'll think?


Big P said...

hey, looks good to me. go for it!

Luther Heggs said...

I love it...except I don't think UAB will make it that far...but it would be cool.

Hey wouldn't it be neat if Alabama, South Alabama, and UAB all made it to the Final Four? "Sweeett..."

Ludwig said...

thata girl, you know what will get you friends...put Memphis in the Champion spot...oh yeah.

joe4444 said...

I have undoubted respect for you for picking Memphis to go all the way. But why UAB and Tennessee so far? Granted I'd like to see UAB go far, but its really optimistic to actually put them. As for UT, they dont deserve to even be in the tournament, I think Winthrop will embarrass them in the first round, if not then Wichita St. should knock'em off pretty easily.

Owl of the Desert said...

Well...ya know...I haven't really watched UT play, but I figure they're decent...I mean, they are SEC. And, I definitely haven't watched Winthrop and Wichita St. My picks are a balance between probability and who I'd like to see win.

And, if I have Memphis going all the way, then UAB certainly stands a chance. Especially since UAB beat Memphis earlier in the year, and the second game was close as well. I think a #9 seed was unfair to them, and we could expect a huge upset...UConn might be pushing it...but why not? :-)

joe4444 said...

UT lost 4 of their last 6 (I think). They're on a downhill slump, plus I dont think they've been ranked top 10 all season. I find it strange that a #5 ranked team (Gonzaga) gets a lower seed than a #17 ranked team (UT).

Anyway, Memphis did beat UAB 2/3 times. It would be nice for UAB to have received a higher seed, but nonetheless do you really think they have what it takes to battle a #1 seed in Connecticut? That Spookey guy, their PG, he's good, but I just dont see their depth strong enough to hold out through the entire tournament. Anyway, outside of me just being critical, you do have some good picks, and I think you'll do well. ;)