Friday, April 14, 2006

For Cal-El and Elyow-eynay:

I am currently reading a book entitled Pink Think: Becoming a Woman in Many Uneasy Lessons by Lynn Peril. It has been quite entertaining, exploring ideas pertaining to femininity between the 1940's and 1970's. The back cover states:

Women from the 1940's to the 1970's were coaxed to "think pink" by persuasive advertisements and meticulous (though often misguided) advice experts. Feminine perfection meant conforming to a mythical standard, one that would come wrapped in an adorable pink package, of course. With a savvy eye for curious, absurd, and at times wildly funny period artifacts, Lynn Peril gathers here the memorabilia of the era - from the dreaded yet intriguing "Dud" of the Mystery Date board game and the impossibly glossy Campus Queen lunch box to a daunting array of self-proclaimed authorities whose books and magazines articles promised readers everything they needed to attain "true feminine success."

I have explored what a woman "should be", and how these ideas were taught to young girls, adolescent girls, etc. (Magazines advertised hope chests, sterling silver, etc., encouraging teens at an early age to prepare for marriage. Even girls as children were given toy vacuums, etc., because housework is fun! - Are you serious?? And, yet, I remember very fondly enjoying a toy vacuum of my own. And to this day, I'd still rather vacuum than dust.) the subject. Back to you, Ely and Cal-el. I just read a chapter entitled "A Manly Shade of Pink: A Brief Guide to the Other Side." And, I thought of you guys after reading this passage. I think you'll agree.

*Background: Ira Lunan Ferguson wrote 25 Good Reasons for Men to Marry in 1976. Pink Think provided two of the reasons:

Reason #5: A Wife Is a Built-In Chef Cook: And of course along with being the cook, a wife is a man's waitress de luxe. (Exactly what you had in mind, right boys?) She not only cooks and prepares his favorite dishes, but she serves them to him in style, treating him like the King-Emperor in his home that he is.

Reason #19: A Wife Is a Built-In Secretary: Of necessity the more educated man needs a wife who can act as his secretary at home when occasion demands. Not only does she have to take messages, parry questions, protect his privacy, run his errands, but often she has to do a lot of his paper work, some typing and even taking dictation.

So, just thought I'd share. And for note, pink was a popular color for not only women during the 50's, but also for men. Although it went out of style in the 60's, I'm glad to see it making a comeback. So instead of blue shirts this Sunday...wouldn't it be neat if ya'll all wore pink? :-)


Cal-el of Krypton said...

LOL.... that's hilarious Owl! Especially reasons 5 and 19. But I have to say that I'm actually glad that those days past.... men wearing pink *shivers*

Anonymous said...

You know something? I'd also much rather vacuum than dust.