Friday, September 08, 2006


I realize that written posts are not near as cool as seeing a picture and so I promise you that at some point Owl and I will post some pictures. We do in fact have color in our lives but no pictures today. I have not recently been able to take as many pictures as I would like. My own negligence really. My memory card in my camera is pretty much full and I have alot of pictures that I actually want to print out which is rare so they have to stay there until I find the time.

So life. Life is good. Just finished my second week of pharmacy school and with every day it is getting easier to get up and go. Last night I actually felt like I had gotten a full night of sleep. We are all getting to know each other better and have started hanging out some at night so that's good. My teachers are awesome..well for the most part. One of my teachers closes his eyes for very long periods of time while he teaches. Let me tell ya, makes you sleepy watchin him. Other than that I have taken a new interest in my chosen profession. To be honest, I wasn't sure (can you believe it) that pharmacy was for me. But we have started talking about the ingredients of drugs and their purpose and different dosage forms and how IV's work so i'm likin it.

Samford is cool. Let me tell you why I've now decided it's cool. Samford is a Baptist university so my teachers openly talk about God and encourage us to go to church on Sunday and to pray in class. We actually have a chaplain in our class to lead us in prayer before the week starts and before tests. Now I don't know how many of you go to a state university but that just doesn't happen there. So I like that, it's cool.

Now to conclude I must agree with Lady Godiva and say that Birmingham is NOW! By that I mean it's happenin, it's down, we got it goin on, etc. We have been having a blast hanging out at each other's apartments for lunch or for a movie. Not only that but we have been carpooling with each other back to Jasper for church or to other church meetings. So that is at least 2 hours for good laughs and chats about life.

So that's it, sorry if it's long. I'm gonna go bowling now.

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Stop rubbing it in about B'ham.