Monday, August 28, 2006

My Favorite Office Items

#1. PAPERCLIP. Random Notes of Interest: The first paperclip was probably produced by the Gem-Manufacturing Company in Britain, thus where we derive the term "gem-clip". Most recently, the paperclip was made famous when a Canadian traded a red paperclip for a house (more or less).

I like the paperclip because it is so functional, and makes me so very organized at work. I can paperclip papers that need to go together, and then all those papers that are seperated can be collectively paperclipped. It's just a fascinating device. I've probably went through two or three boxes at work already.

#2. HIGHLIGHTER. I LOVE highlighters. If you look at any of my notes from school, this one thing you can tell. Everything deserves a color. For example, in history: dates could be green, people or important things could be yellow, and info in general could be purple. It had to be very unimportant in my mind to not get a color. Most recently I let someone borrow my condensed Series 7 notes. The whole "condensed" book was practically pink and yellow. Seem strange? I guess all I can say is that I remember better in color.

3. CALCULATOR. Our professor joked that we would be carrying these things around in our pockets. I thought, "Yeah, sure, okay." And, yet, I have been carrying a calculator in my purse for the last couple of months. Mostly for study purposes, but it is also good for the monthly balancing of the checkbook, etc. (And, I can whip it out and tell people "0.1134", a.k.a. "hello"). I also like to do random calculations. Yes, I'm a math nerd.

4. STICKY NOTE. These are so useful. Grocery lists. Reminders. Lots of reminders. I have reminders all over the bottom of my computer. Wee notes - the kind that don't need a whole sheet of overwhelming paper, but just need a small space to occupy. I use one almost every day to jot down the year-to-date returns for the S&P 500, the DJIA, and the NASDAQ. Random note: I used to have an obsession with the spiral, multi-colored kind.


5. BALL-POINT PEN. It speaks for itself. The number of things I use it for are endless. Oh, I love thee ball-point pen. Keep the ink flowing.


Nardo said...

I love the super small sticky notes. The kind that only hold about 7 words.

fa-so-la-la said...

..and I love the post-it notes shaped like thought bubbles. Too clever.

rachel tsunami said...

oh girl. you've got it nailed. yes, these have to be the top 5.

now, i would probably allow 10 as faves. my list would include stapler, 3x5 cards, scissors, my 3 hole punch...

the well-sharpened dixon ticonderoga #2 and our electric pencil sharpener are not considered office supplies at our house. they are art supplies. ;-)

toesthattwinkle said...

I wish I had invented post-it sticky notes. I mean how simple: a peice of paper(any shape, color, etc.) with sticky stuff on the back....brilliant!

rachel tsunami said...

we've heard an interesting story about the guy who invented them. he is rich, Rich, RICH!

ShowJumper said...

My favs have to be highlighters and the ball point pen. I LOVE to write! Maybe I should add post-it notes since that's something to write on? Highlighters are THE thing.They are great at making meaningful bible verses stand out. ( my whole bible will eventualy be highlighted!)