Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Woot! Woot!

Hoorah! I passed my Series 7 exam today!

It was pretty intense. I have been studying for this test since the beginning of June. Last week I had a cram course, and it really helped narrow things down, as well as gave me some good memory tricks. I arrived at the testing center at 8:30 am. I had to read a disclosure, get fingerprinted - via modern technology - and have my picture taken. The test was broken into two sections - 130 questions on the first section with 3 hours allotted, and same for the second section. I had a 45 minute break in between.

I prayed a lot before and during the exam. And, when it was all through, I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving. I shared the good news with my co-workers, and one of them said she had been praying for me.

It was matter-of-fact that I would celebrate tonight, and I did. Not as others may think, but to me, I celebrated. I went to church, and it was a thorough blessing.

Praise be to God for his wonderful blessings.


Nardo said...


Scott Cole said...

Way to go! Those tests can be a bear. What will you be doing with your Series 7?

Owl of the Desert said...

Well, next I take the Series 66, and then I will be trained on placing trades.

rachel tsunami said...

Oh! Congratulations, Owl! What a great milestone. Pullin' for ya'.

Anonymous said...

Great Job I passed my 7 a few weeks back too. Do you need to get your series 63 or 66? I failed the 63 then I got some new software that got me past the second time. If you need some software try the stuff I used at www.securitiesce.com

Good Luck with your business.


J Trader