Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Richest Americans

The Top 10:

1. William Henry Gates III
2. Warren Edward Buffett
3. Sheldon Adelson
4. Lawrence Joseph Ellison
5. Paul Gardner Allen
6. Jim C. Walton
7. Christy Walton & Family
8. S. Robson Walton
9. Michael Dell
10. Alice L. Walton

*Compliments of and Forbes magazine.

Just wanted to share, because I was personally fascinated that the Walton family took four of the top ten spots. FOUR!

Another fascinating point, most of the top ten were either computer/technological gurus, Wal-Mart associated, or casino/gambling top-dawgs.

Now, I think there are probably a few missing from this list...but that's a whole different subject.

Oh, and one other point, everyone on the Forbes 400 list this year, for the first time, had $1 billion or more. You aren't the richest of the rich anymore with $999,999,999.99. You've got to have $1,000,000,000.00

What are your thoughts?


toesthattwinkle said...

I have no idea when Caleb's play is! i'll check and see later!!

joe4444 said...

Those are cool stats. Though, Michael Dell is not a technical-guru. I actually watched part of a virtual interview with him and several elite colleges, and he gave as most basic answers as any business owner could give. I think he's just an ordinary guy who just happened to come across a brilliant entrepreneural business idea.