Monday, September 11, 2006

5 Years Ago

I still haven't forgotten.

I remember what I was wearing - a purple shirt and khaki pants. I remember what I was doing, where I was going, and how I first found out - I was on my way to school, slightly later in the morning, because I wasn't doing much of anything first block, sitting at the red light at Walston Bridge Road and 78 Hwy, listening to the radio. When they first said that an airplane had hit the World Trade Center, I thought, "That's terrible. What a horrible accident." Then, I went to the Counseling Center where I was an aide, and watched on the tv as a second plane hit the second tower, and I knew that something wasn't right. Two accidents within the hour?

The news just kept coming. A third plane headed for D.C. Then, the Pentagon. And, it wasn't just seeing the Pentagon. It was listening to a correspondent inside the Pentagon the moment the plane hit and hearing the sound.

And I'll never, never forget sitting there, watching on live t.v., as the two towers fell.

Watching the ads for the movies has given me chills and put tears in my eyes, thinking back on that day. It was real. Completely and utterly real. And, yet, America watched together. We stood together. We cried together. We gave blood, we cncouraged, and we hoped. My generation got a glimpse of America's backbone, if even for just a moment. And, with God's grace, it is strong.

We have been abundantly blessed as a nation. Let us not forget where these blessings come from. Let us not forget who we should look to for guidance.

And, today, as we remember, let us pray for the survivors, pray for the soldiers, pray for our leaders, pray for this nation. Let us pray.


Nardo said...

Very well said.

Lace said...

I remember where I was too. I was at school in the library...and I'll never forget it either. Some were crying hysterically thinking that the world was coming to an end. I just stood watching the tv in shock.

God bless our troops, and God bless America...

Mait said...

I was in the fourth grade! My teacher turned on the tv and we all watched in shock.