Friday, January 27, 2006

Sleep - What is that?

Sleep: n. 1)the natural, regularly recurring rest for the body, during which there is little or no conscious thought.

What is sleep? Sometimes I'm not sure. Look at the time on this post. Close to 4:00 am! But, I have been working off and on for about 5 hours on an application. What could be so complicated about an application, you may ask? I had to include resume type stuff, and answer two questions, this one being the last question:

"Briefly evaluate your academic and other experiences as a college student in terms of personal growth, career expectations, and social development."

So, basically, as I understood it, I was to sum up what I had learned in college, not just academically, but on a personal level and social level. Four years to sum up. That's a lot. It took me about 5 pages to do it.

So, anyways, I hope you people out there are happy at rest, which is what I'm fixing to be. And, safe travels and blessed times to all you travelers and church goers out there.


Table of Stone said...

I don't know about you owl, but I know what sleep is. My roommates woke me up at 8:47 for my 9:00 class today. Apparently I have no problems with sleep.

Elyow'eynay said...

That would be crazy. You're entire college term for a application. That's like being asked to sum up your life in 100 words or less.