Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We're At That Age

Laura and I are at that age. Wedding after wedding...seriously. I think this is probably # 6 or 7 for me this year. But I love it!

If you are a follower of Kitchen Talk then you probably know my friends from Auburn, Brigette and Swafford. This weekend I had the privilege of attending their wedding and it was most definitely a celebration! These kids are just great for each other and two of the most godly people I know. I admire their relationship and am so happy for them both. So that is what the next "couple" of pictures are all about.

Brigette Lesch and Daniel Swafford Wedding

I love this picture! They are married and off to the honeymoon!
I've never seen this before. We tossed lavender at the bride and groom as they left. Our hands smelled like soapy flower goodness afterwards.
Brigette's 7 real bridesmaids
Morgan, Lou, and Bridge being goofy while waiting to take pictures.
Me and Pam
Brigette and Swafford dancing at the reception (took place at the Historic Rucker Place)
Dancing! This was difficult because the band was jazz/swing. It seriously sounded like the same song over and over again. But we improvised and danced like they were playing 90's music.

Roommates! (me and morgan)
Lou, Bridget, and Catie Anne
Yep! 7 real bridesmaids and 10 honorary bridesmaids! Crazy, yes but lots of fun. So of our group, Catie Anne was a real bridesmaid and me, Lou, Bridget, and Morgan were all honorary. Swafford only had 7 guys if you were wondering but also had 3 ushers that were friends of ours.
The cake! I always make sure to get a picture of because well I love wedding cakes!

Overall, a great time! Especially nice to have a reunion with college friends. We all live in different cities now and life just doesn't afford us many opportunities to hang out. I miss them. On a happy note though, Mr. and Mrs. Swafford will be living in Birmingham. Hopefully we will get to see each other occasionally.

Katie Leach and Jeff Johnston Wedding
This was a really sweet wedding. Family photo beforehand.
Jeff, Katie, and the bridesmaids. (All of which were from Jasper I might add)
Again, the cake!

My favorite parts of this wedding were 1) acapella singing, mary-John singing, and Maggie playing the cello (basically the music) 2) bottled coke at the reception 3) Mr. Leach crying more than Katie...it was so sweet.


Ms. B said...

Weddings must be in the air : )

I love the pictures. Thank you for posting them! It gave me some ideas.

Owl of the Desert said...

You got some great pictures at Bridget's wedding. I love the shot of you and Pam. What a neat idea to throw lavendar! I like it.

Do you know who did Bridget's cake?

Amy said...

Mr. Leach cried?! oh.
My Dad cried when he walked Alisa down the aisle. And Caleb? Caleb bawled. There are no other words to describe the flushed, dripping mess he was. I'm so very glad boys DO cry.