Tuesday, October 07, 2008


This incident happened a couple of weeks ago, but I was just reminded of it reading Amy's post over at Shadows and Dust.

As Hurricane Ike prepared to cross Galveston, TX, one of the companies we have to call occasionally at work had to be evacuated/relocated temporarily. I did not realize the company was based in Galveston and tried calling them regarding a question.

The following took place:


"We're sorry but the (company name) customer service center is temporarily unavailable."

In shock and somewhat dismay over not being able to get my question answered, my natural response was...


(Not too loud mind you. I work in a cubicle. So it was only slightly exaggerated and exasperated of a sound. Anyways, it's not like someone is on the other end...it's just a recording...)

To which someone responded:

"Yes. I'm sorry. Please try your call again later."

In shock at someone actually responding to me, I quickly put the phone back on the hook, and started laughing, beginning to tell my co-worker the story. Who would have thought it?


Kelly Spezzano said...

How funny! Was it an actual recording and someone was just on the line as well, or was it a real person answering the calls to say that the cust serv was unavailable?

Owl of the Desert said...

I have no idea! It sounded like a recording, but when I spoke, suddenly a voice responded! It was really weird.

Amy said...

maybe they just guessed that "What?!" would be most people's response and decided to add that to their message. Yeah right.