Thursday, September 06, 2007

Because I like it

A few things that make me happiest:
1. A crazy spiritual church meeting.
2. Reading and finishing a good book
3. Hanging out with real friends that understand and laugh
4. Playing at the farm
5. Reading my bible before bed
6. Exercising, yea i rarely do it but it makes me happy when i do
7. A long shower
8. no plans
9. Auburn football
10. someone i don't know saying hello to me and vice versa
11. cooking for friends
12. knowing the answer
13. a cool pair of shoes
14. accomplishing goals
15. talking about Jesus with someone
16. family time

* There are others, so we'll just call this an edited list ;)

Thanks dani for the idea. It made me happy just doing this.


strem said...

When is the last time you've attended a "crazy spiritual church meeting?" I hear you've had some great ones down your way recently. It's wonderful how some stick in our memories for years and years.

Queen B said...

Reading this made me smile...Kuddos for you, Emily! I think I'm going to construct my own "happy list."

Dani said...

I can't take credit for it. Strem started it all!

I want some info on the "crazy spiritual church meeting" (least I'm sure it will be) that ya'll are having in Nov!