Thursday, September 20, 2007

If I Stand - Rich Mullen

If I stand, let me stand on the promise,
That you will pull me through.
And if I fall, let me fall on the grace,
That first brought me to you.

And if I sing, let me sing for the joy,
That has born in me these songs.
And if I weep, let it be as a man,
Who is longing for his home.

These words are the chorus to a beautiful song by Rich Mullen. I started singing it the other day, and had to find my cd to play it. In every aspect of our lives we are trusting and looking to God, whether it be when we're praising him on the mountain top, or struggling through the valley.

My dad has been preaching lately on how we need God's grace in practically every aspect of our lives. It's been a blessing to see just how truly dependant we are upon it. Grace to live, grace to die, grace to serve...

Praise the Lord for his abundant Grace!


strem said...
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strem said...

I like this song, but I don't have the CD. Wish I could hear it too... along with your Dad's sermons on this subject. (A subject on which I need constant reminders.)

Dani said...

I love to hear your dad preach, and I'm missing my fourth Sundays in Jasper! I'm needing extra grace it feels like lately, thanks for the reminder!

So who are ya'll having in November for the meeting?

Owl of the Desert said...

We miss you, too! Elder Gary Harvey & Elder Harold Stumbaugh from Arkansas are scheduled to be with us. Are ya'll going to get to come?

Setiago said...

This is a great song. I enjoyed hearing it a couple of days ago.