Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Take time to Enjoy the Simple

The weather has been amazing. True fall weather in November is hard to come by and yet blue skys and perfect temperature are with us this week. This has inspired me to spend a good part of my time outside doing anything but studying. Yesterday I found myself outside on Samford lawn just hanging out with friends and throwing the football. I've actually gotten to where I can spiral the ball almost every time I throw and my catching is improving. However my coach (chris) has informed me that I need a lot of help on my three point stance. He tells me this after I end up face down on the ground from him taking my arm out from underneath me. But don't be fooled, my improvement has come from numerous drills ( I don't lie) such as pole drills (scary having the ball thrown at you standing behind a pole). Anyways, to my point. I feel it refreshes me to be outside just having fun. It is such a simple activity. Everyone has things going on, things that need to be done now and right now. I definitely understand this I assure you. However, I can also assure you that if you will just take a little time to yourself (preferably outside enjoying this beautiful weather God has blessed us with) all of the other things that seem so stressful and time demanding will be so much easier for you to handle. I have found that I enjoy God so much in nature and in the simple things like hanging out with friends and throwing the football. I need that, I want that and I am thankful for it. What simple things do you notice God in today?


Owl of the Desert said...

Yeah!!!!! You have finally posted! I am soooo excited! Here's looking at you kid, and here's to many more.

I wish I was down there throwing the football with ya. I was blessed to enjoy the wonderful weather today, but unfortunately, it was while studying for a test tonight. I haven't been able to sit on the steps of Gorgas for a while now, and it was really great today.

multifarious said...

I love this post. Thank you so much; it is great.
The weather has been so awesome! I spent my day with about 6 little boys outside doing various and sundry active things. I am thankful for little boys, fun, and colorful trees that drop their leaves on you. God is awesome!
Kathryn G.

multifarious said...

Is Table of Stone Ems?
Great name.

Table of Stone said...

Yes it is. Good to hear from you Kathryn.

Elyow'eynay said...

Nice..I would just like to say I had a hand in getting her back on the blog boat. Peer pressure is awesome!

Really like the post...I love being outside but sometimes will avoid it if there is a really good computer game I could be playing. I know..computer geek right >>>>here<<<<<<

Good to hear from you KATHRyN!!! Its been a while.

Table of Stone said...

no get off the computer!!!! NO, NO, NO