Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Intramural Soccer

Well, last night marked the end of regular season intramural soccer. The team I played for, HPSA (Honors Program Student Association), went into the game 1-2. (Our one win was a forfeit - the other team didn't have enough players.) Last night's game was crucial, because in order to go to the playoffs, we had to have another win (must have a 50% win ratio and a sportsmanship rating of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale). Before the game, we actually received our team t-shirts. They are a bright green, with HPSA written boldly across the front. Underneath HPSA was the phrase, "Blood Blood Blood." Steven Rogers played on our team, and he and I just sort of pondered that phrase. Very intimidating, huh? I chose jersey number 56. It was one of the few smalls, and I think my dad had something close to that number when he played football in high school.

So...to the game. We played the Dingleberries. Great team name, I think. They had a record of 0-3 entering the game. So, we were pretty evenly matched. HPSA played very well. I think it was the best game we've had all season. We all played our positions very nicely. We had some great passes, which we haven't seen a lot of this season. Both defense and offense worked together great. With less than a minute left in the game, the score was 2-2, and we had the ball on the Dingleberries side of the field. With a second and a half left, the lights went out. (Now, this is not new to our games. We may have had one game where the lights didn't go out.) It takes 20 minutes for the lights to come back on, because they have to cool down, and then slowly come back on. We wanted our second and a half, because they weren't going to let us have a tiebreaker/shootout. We hoped to score with one good kick, from a little less than midfield. But alas, we couldn't pull it off. It was an indirect kick, and the Dingleberries set up a wall. And, the wall worked. They blocked our shot. Game over.

Our final record is 1-2-1. So, unless something changes, we won't make it to the playoffs, because our win percentage is 33.3%. But, it was fun while it lasted.

Last night brought back memories of my old playing days, starting the game at 9:00 pm, playing co-ed, and feeling the crisp night air burning my lungs as I ran. I even earned a bruise. :-) Now, I must retire my cleats, my shin guards, and my super long soccer socks 'til next time. I shall miss them, but I know that when I next place my feet in those worn and weathered cleats, my feet will feel right comfortable and know exactly what to do.

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Becca said...

That's so weird that you would talk about intermural soccer because my team just finished up our season last Thursday. I have now played three games of soccer in my life, and I find it quite fun. I was sad to see the season end. But, I've been told that I'm playing indoor next semester, so we'll se how that goes.

On Thursday, I had to play two games straight because we only had enough girls to play, so on Friday and Saturday I was super sore but it was worth it.