Tuesday, August 23, 2005

National Conference

I thought I would post a few pictures from my trip to Mortar Board's National Conference. (These are pre-haircut pictures.) :-) Mortar Board is a national collegiate honor society dedicated to scholarship, leadership, and service. I believe all of these pictures were taken the night of the candlelight banquet. I was with my section, section 6. Section 6 is comprised of Mortar Board chapters in Alabama and Georgia. I met some really great people and had a blast.

During the dinner, the napkin underneath our rolls caught on fire. (There were candles on the tables.) Just as one of the other girls was about to throw her water on them, a waiter casually came and took them. He just said, "I'll take those." From then on, Section 6's motto was "we're so hot, we're on fire!" Cheesy, I know, but funny.

After the dinner, speakers, new officer installations, and awards, we lit our candles as our name was called out. Then, a poem which symbolizes the spirit of Mortar Board was read. I thought I would share it with you.

The Torch

The God of Great Endeavor gave me a torch to bear.
I lifted it high above me in the dark and murky air,
And straightway, with loud hosannas, the crowd proclaimed its light
And followed me as I carried my torch through the starless night.
Till drunk with the people's praises, and mad with vanity,
I forgot 'twas the torch that they followed,
And fancied they followed me.

Then slowly my arm grew weary upholding the shining load,
And my tired feet went stumbling over the dusty road,
And I fell - with the torch beneath me. In a moment the light was out,
When lo from the throng a stripling sprang forth with a mighty shout,
Caught up the torch as it smoldered, and lifted it high again,
Till, fanned by the winds of heaven, it fired the souls of men.

As I lay in the darkness, the feet of the trampling crowd
Passed over and far beyond me, its paeans proclaiming aloud,
And I learned in the deepening twilight, the glorious verity,
'Tis the torch that the people follow,
Whoever the bearer may be.


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Sweet P said...

This would be a good poem for me to read to squelch pride in the moments that it rears its ugly head. Any gift that we have that might cause others to follow us was certainly given by God, and can be taken away and given to someone else.