Thursday, December 09, 2010

Gift Exchange

I have a Christmas party to attend tomorrow night where we are having a gift exchange. There will be males and females there from ages 22 to 50+. So, what do I get? Oddly enough, I found it hard to find a good list of " great gifts for both genders under $15-$20". I wandered around the mall tonight for a while, and came up with a list of my own. Hope it helps anyone else out there struggling for an idea!

1. Blanket/throw (I gave this last year and it went over well.)
2. Ornament
3. Flash drive
4. Hand sanitizer, lotion. (my gift this year - perhaps slightly on the girlie side, but who can't use hand sanitizer, especially during the flu season?)
5. Serving pieces (nice platters, cake knives, salad tossers, etc.)
6. Movie package (vouchers or DVD rentals)
7. Cocoa and mugs
8. Homemade gift, for the artsy types! Someone did a painting last year that was a big hit.
9. Magic 8 ball? Magnetic poetry? Rubix cube? These just came to me spontaneously. You probably wouldn't buy it for yourself, but you know you can't refuse to pick one up if someone else has it and just play with it.
10. And of course, if nothing else, gift cards are always wildly popular. Chic-fil-a was a popular one last year for grabs. Any restaurants or coffee places are great.

What ideas do you have? Comments? Thoughts?


Kelly Spezzano said...

When I worked for the real estate office in Tampa, we had a "Dirty Santa" gift exchange (That's where you can choose to open a new gift or steal a gift that was already opened) The gift that was stolen the most times was a nice bottle of wine and the gift that I ended up with (and was stolen the second most amount of times) was a gorgeous cobalt blue vase (luckily for me I was one of the last to choose and I had eyeballed that vase the whole time) :)

Owl of the Desert said...

Yeah, wine or any other alcohol always seems to be a popular choice!