Friday, May 01, 2009


I LOVE the smell of honeysuckle. It is an undeniable sweet fragrance that I tend to notice before I visually spot it.

It takes me back to days at the church when all of us kiddos would gather at the honeysuckle bushes after services were over and try to delicately pinch off the ends and try to get a drop of its sweetness. Yeah, those were the simple days.

I was running/walking on the trail by our apartment yesterday and the smell of honeysuckle filled the air. I took it all in, completely enthralled with this 80 degree weather, the lovely sounds, and the complete beauty of God's creation. What an AWESOME Creator we have.


Dani said...

I just love honeysuckle too. I was thinking some of these same things when I was walking while I was home last week. Something about springtime when the leaves are just starting to unfurl there tiny leaves, just leaves me in awe of our Amazing Creator God.

Amy said...

Once, Alisa and one of her friends (they were probably 7) decided to fill up jars with the sticky drops and sell them. I am dead serious. Ask her. And as a rather naive five year old, I was sucked into their scheme. Needless to say, about 100ish flowers and an hour later, we gave up.