Thursday, March 05, 2009

Right Before Adam and Brett Have to be Super Nurses

So I can't get my text where I want it. Nothing new there.

Basically, two saturdays ago it was relatively nice outside and we thought, hey, let's shoot guns. Come on, you know you've had that thought before. So basically we called up Ranger Buck whose always up for a good shootin, yes, that's what I said and went out to the farm for target practice. Now, Laura and I are still learning but I think improving? and we've got excellent teachers so it makes for a good time. These aren't all the pics so maybe I'll post more later. Enjoy.

Graham with the crossbow
Laura with the "lever action rifle" (I think)....that thing kicks!

I just thought the clouds were awesome in this picture.

Adam showing me how to hold the gun. After this, I think I was pretty good.
Check out the smoke from Ranger Buck's gun! How sweet is that!
Yea, don't mess with us.


Dani said...

I miss Sunday afternoons on the farm. haha. I can't shoot at all, but I love watching the guys blow things up, particular Yoohoos. The burnt chocolate smell was good.

Can't wait to see ya'll at ya'll's meeting.

Amy said...

the last picture cracks me up. If everybody's guns spontaneously went off... Adam would be the only one to get hurt.

Tara said...

It is hysterical to me that you and Laura are into shooting guns and talking the talk too, I love it!

Kelly Spezzano said...

I am very afraid! :) Makes you think twice about coming to AL! lol

beatrice said...

I love how some of these look like Walker, Texas Ranger. Y'all are awesome, I miss y'all!

Johnnie said...

i LOVE the picture of you with the clouds. perfect.