Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bankhead National Forest

John and I went hiking in Bankhead National Forest / Clear Creek Recreational Area this past Saturday. We had a really good rainfall on Friday, and the bluffs that are spread throughout the trail showcased several beautiful waterfalls. It was an absolutely wonderful day to go, even if it was overcast. The flowers are all beginning to bloom down here in Alabama, and we saw several pink, red, white, and purple flowers. We also managed to see several deer, a groundhog, and a very large frog! I love being outdoors this time of year, and I enjoy the good conversation that can be had when you "escape" the world and all its distractions for a while to enjoy God's creation.

We found this Iris blooming towards the end of the trail. It's one of John's favorite flowers.

No one else was around, but we managed to snag a picture to capture the moment anyways!

I thought this tree stump had a really cool design. The colors in it were brilliant.

John happened to look up and notice that all the leaves on this tree were in a circle. Interesting, huh? You never know what surprises you may find.


Kathy said...

Sounds like a great time! It is great when you can enjoy God's creation with a good friend. Glad to hear you had a great time.

Sis Kathy

Tara said...

Sounds like you two had fun hiking and what great pictures!

Dani said...

Beautiful, glad you shared!

Kelly Spezzano said...

I just love the beauty found outdoors. There is no denying God's handiwork when it comes to these fabulous pics!

strem said...

Looks like a beautiful day of seeing some beautiful sights!