Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Voting by Candlelight

Last night, after the hard rain had ceased, our power began to flicker. It would go off for a minute or so, and then come back on. Around 10:30 p.m., however, the power went off for good. I made a quick call to Alabama Power and was told via an automated voice that it wouldn't be back on 'til the wee hours of the morning. So, with my candles lit, I finished up a couple of things before heading to bed. One of them was my VOTE! I'm voting by absentee ballot since I won't be in the county where I'm registered on the day of the primary election, next Tuesday the 5th - SUPER TUESDAY. It felt like something from the very distant past as I marked my ballot by candlelight, and sealed everything really good. I mean really good. Three envelopes, as mandated by the accompanying instructions. A secrecy envelope to put my ballot in. An affadavit envelope to put my secrecy envelope in. And a large brown envelope to put my affadavit envelope and a form of identification in. Whew. Don't want to just scan over those directions!

So, my vote has been cast. And I'm quite anxious to see how my candidate does. I hope each of you are planning your trip to the polls, if you haven't already done so. Florida, you had quite an impact, causing two candidates to drop!

Now, you may be wondering why our power went off if the rain had already ceased. Can you believe it was the wind?? We actually had peak gusts of 65 mph in Birmingham. All across the state this morning there were damage reports of trees uprooted, damages to homes, and power outages. Probably some of the most widespread damage without accompanying severe weather. It was crazy, I tell ya. I didn't go to sleep for a while, because I could hear the wind just howling outside. (Not to mention, it's really odd with absolutely no light, not even your alarm clock light.) Thankfully, though, the power was restored by the time Table and I awoke, and we were able to get ready for school and work. God bless the line crews.


Kelly Spezzano said...

Wow, that's amazing about the wind!!! I am glad you guys were ok! Did it get cold inside with no electric?

strem said...

We had crazy wind here Tuesady night, and it felt like my windows were going to blow in and the house was going to crack in half. Thankfully, neither happened. But, some church folks lost power for several hours. It was difficult keeping my car on the road.

~*Rachel*~ said...

Wow! reminds me of Indiana, it was always windy up there.

Yeah, Florida seeems to always leave an impact when it comes to