Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Warning: This may cause a sudden realization

I was listening to Rick and Bubba this morning on the radio while driving to work. Ususally I try to find music, but this was on and I didn't change the station. I was glad I didn't. My drive was short, but this morning I deducted they were talking politics to some extent. The statement that caught my attention was something like Rick saying, 'This is a huge realization for many people - it was for me'. Now, please realize, that's VERY paraphrased. Bubba then relayed the following story:

He recently talked with a Russian Communist visitor to the U.S. Bubba was promoting capitalism and democracy (yes, I know we're not actually a democracy, but that's not the point...), and discussing the differences in the U.S. and Russia, when the Russian asked the following question:

R: Do you own your property?
B: Yes, I own my property. I have a deed. It says it's mine.
R: You pay property taxes, correct?
B: Yes, I pay property taxes.
R: And, if you didn't pay your property taxes, the government would take your property, yes?
B: Yes.
R: Then, you don't own your property. The government owns your property, just like in Russia. You just rent it from the government.

Yes, I know...let the realization sink in. I was just sorta stunnned when it hit me. He makes a good point.

So, just some food for thought. How can we make informed decisions if we are uninformed?

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Dani said...

I had a long comment, but it won't post and I don't want to write it again, but I will try once more...

I personally have a problem with the tax structure in this country. I think it is unfair and unconstitutional. I understand that laws and an admendment has been passed, but I believe they are contrary to a free market, capitalistic, republic. Tarrifs outta be enough to handle our budget, and if it isn't perhaps the government should stop funding things it has no business in (Medicare, Social Security, Welfare, etc). Government is here to protect basic rights, not engage in social legislation.

However, since I'm just dreaming and no thanks to FDR and Johnson, we will never go back. I would settle for higher property taxes (Alabama could double theirs and still be under the national average), a flat tax (not graduated income, not to mention gov has no right to tax our income regardless of the 1913 admentment, that was meant to be temporary), and little to no sales tax.

Ok, I will go mumble in the corner to myself now, but one more thought, to say that we are just like Russia shows a nice parrallel that should make us ask questions, but to seriously think that makes us just like Russia is a joke. However, if we think we are a democracy we should think again.