Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Weekend Update for Tanzania Trip

Dad returned to Dar es Salaam last night. He said the trip coming back was a lot rougher than the trip going to the village/city. Just to give you an idea...the driver going was very careful and the trip took 11 1/2 hours; the driver coming back was more reckless, and the trip took only 10 1/2 hours. They had a wonderful time visiting with Elder Obey's parents. They also were able to eat at a nice restaurant where Dad had rice, and Elder Paul had rice and vegetables. Elder Sam may not have still eaten anything.

Tonight, they constituted the church in Tanzania. Dad simply said, "It was beautiful." He recorded the whole thing on video. He also said the singing was amazing. After the constitution, the church had communion. Then, the church provided dinner, which consisted of fries and chicken.

Tomorrow night they will have one more service, and then they fly out of Tanzania at 8:30 pm, which will be about 12:30 pm our time. They will arrive in Birmingham on Thursday around 4:00 pm our time.

Thanks again for all your prayers, and please continue to pray. Dad said he really feels like the Lord has been in the entire matter and has been with them throughout the trip. (Maybe at a later time I can write about the beginning of the trip where the Lord provided Dad and Elder Paul's visas...(quick summary: Visa office in Tanzanian embassy closed, embassy itself almost closed for the weekend (minutes left), flying out on Monday, appears hopeless...but we receive a call telling us not to cancel our tickets, we have the visas. Only the Lord, my friends.)

"Go preachers and tell it to the world..."

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Table of Stone said...

thank you for the update on my father as I have not talked to you or mom in a day or so. Talk to you soon. Yea for him coming home!! I'm totally ready