Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Trip To Books A Million

Ok, first, Barnes and Noble is so much better than "BAM" but here in Auburn, Alabama we have to do with what we have. So because of my recent trip and Dan's recent post on his blog I have come up with a book list for myself.

1. The Great Gatsby-Fitzgerald (I know, can you believe I got out of high school without reading it)
2. Madame Bovary-Flaubert
3. Farewell to Arms-Hemingway
4. Great Expectations-Dickens
5. Room With a View-Forster
6. Emma and Sense and Sensibility-Austen (Reading Persuasion now and love it)
7. Portrait of a Lady-James
8. The Bell Jar-Sylvia Plath
9. The Jane Austen Book Club-can't remember the author but have heard it's really good
10. The Eight-also can't remember the author, need to get on that

There are more I assure you but for now this will do.


Lady Godiva said...

A Farewell to Arms is AWESOME. The Bell Jar.... well it may seem strange and icky when you read it at first, but when you reflect on it later it will mean much more.

Lady Godiva said...

where is dan's blog now?!?!?

Table of Stone said...

I'll send you an email godiva because I don't think he wants it to get out beyond his group of friends

Elyow'eynay said...

Hey the Great Gatsby is pretty good. The rest of those....i'm just not too sure about. But to each their own

multifarious said...

Sweet. McGee.
Just finished Room With a View, it's great. Rather Jane Austenish but less straight forward, more elusive.
Great Gatsby! Thank you for that, it will go on my list too. I'm looking for choice's already unrealistically long. What do I think I am? A lady of leisure? Not exactly.
Ah I love book lists.
After Great Expectations read David Copperfield, it is so good and so much better than any movie you'll see of it, though there have been some good ones made.
Persuasion is my second favorite, next to P and P. SO good.
(I have a giftcard to Borders. Oh yeah.)

toesthattwinkle said...

I'm reading pride & prejudice now, and I'm lovin it!!!

rachel tsunami said...

Seriously behind on blog reading.

I like your booklist. A few of those titles I haven't read. Now I'm curious about #9 and #10.

Oh my. I didn't realize the Tanzania trip was now. I guess time marched on. How great to read your reports. I'm sure those three men will never be the same. Wow.

I've always liked Robt Frost and Out, Out. A fascinating portrayal of human incident that Frost was so good at.

Congratulations on your milestone, Kitchen Talk. Love you girls!

nate said...

I found The Jane Austen Book Club a couple months ago in a used book store and couldn't pass on buying it because all of you ladies are always talking about her. I haven't read it and don't really plan to but I will pass it on. It's by Karen Joy Fowler.