Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bird's Eye View

Bird on Telescope

I just wanted to try to post a picture. I have. This picture was presented to me by my graduate teaching assistant in Astronomy during my freshman year. That was a really great class. I didn't necessarily agree with everything that was taught...but, I did gain an even greater appreciation for God's creation. I could only laugh when we were taught about "dark matter." Scientists have discovered that 95% (I may have to check that number...may be 99%) of the universe is made up of somthing that they cannot see. It holds everything together. They call it "dark matter." I call it the Word of God.

Each day our class was presented with a really neat picture of space - a distant galaxy, a nebula, etc. This picture, however, is of a bird's bottom. It happened to sit on a telescope one morning, and the scientists, finding it amusing, took a picture. I found it amusing myself. :-)


Something Creative said...

It's upwards of 99%. I think it may be 99.2% or so.

Owl of the Desert said...

Thanks. I couldn't remember.