Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Philippians 1:3-8

My dear friends, my heart is still overflowing with joy and encouragement from this past week. I dissappeared from the world, and entered a haven of rest, otherwise known as Harmony Highlands Singing School. A place that brings many of my dearest friends together, united as brothers and sisters, and sharing a love that is indescribible. We laughed together. We cried together. Gave advice. Received advice. Learned from the older and younger in our dorm devotions. I could go on and on.

Our theme song was the hymn, House of the Lord. It has always been a favorite of mine, and the words touch my heart every time. I especially like the third verse:

You may value the friendships of youth and of age,
And select for my comrades the noble and sage.
But the friends that most cheer me on life's rugged road,
Are the friends of my Master, the children of God

I have surrounded my room with memories. Green and yellow clothespins. (Sorry Ashers, I didn't have any blue and silvers in my travel bag.) My nametags...one as a counselor, and one for my tribe, the Tribe of Gad. I can't wait to get my pictures back. I think I have some great ones of the "Pregnant" Relay Race. :-) I hope somebody got some good ones of us covered in mud. I had ran out of film that day.

This morning I traveled back to Tuscaloosa. I put in my Triumphal Feast cd, and I thanked God for his blessings. He is so good to us time and time again. I re-entered the world by going back to work. And now, I can just wait with patience and great expectations for next year's singing school.

(And all the meetings in between! :-) )


Ludwig said...

it was a swell singing school indeed! most of my pictures turned out great, like the one of me stuffing my mouth with the peanut butter and jelley sandwich glob.

good times!

table of stone said...

It really is an escape, and you can't understand it unless you experience it. It isn't like you are at camp and by Friday you are ready to go home. No, on Friday you cry because you have to go home (I've done this I know). If any of you haven't experienced the bliss that is Harmony Highlands Singing School well jeepers let us know because you are signed up a whole year early!!

Elyow'eynay said...

Ahh singing school. Gotta love it. It is an escape I agree totally. I feel like I have been at the camp for years when I leave on that back country road and head back into civilization. I wish it could be like that always. Thats why I propose the PB community. A centrally located church that all the Memphis, Texas, and Alabama PB's can come and build there houses and we will just all be together forever!