Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Black Death

Last week was finals week here at the University of Alabama. I had one test a day, Tuesday through Friday. As early as Tuesday afternoon I knew I needed some caffeine to keep me awake for my test that night, and to be able to finish studying for my fast-approaching test. I was sitting in Starbucks in our Student Center, because it makes a great place to study if you enjoy background noise. So, needing caffeine, I decided to try a Caramel Frappucino, and wouldn't you know it...they are out of caramel. So, I tried a (well, I'll attempt to remember it and say it) mocha frappucino with a caramel afogado (sp?), and a shot of expresso. The cashier at Starbucks recommended it. I managed maybe two or three sips, ten at the most. I felt like I was drinking ground coffee, it was that strong. Not to mention, the coffee itself tasted burnt. A nationally known coffee chain, and everything I have tried there, except for one or two drinks, tastes absolutely horrible!

So, I began to ponder and reason as to why so many people drink this horrible coffee. I pass many people each day on campus who are drinking this black death. My conclusion: each of these people are trying to conform to a particular type of culture, society, group, etc. They torture themselves until they become used to it, like an initiation process. Just carrying a Starbucks drink gives this particular vibe. I feel it holding any cup of coffee, but Starbucks sticks out.

Now I'm sure there are people that really do enjoy the taste of Starbucks coffee. I don't. Similarly, there are people who enjoy Milo's. I don't. It has just been my observation that there is a "coffee culture" in general, and Starbucks plays a large role in it.

I commend each of you who are strong enough to drink this coffee every day. You have earned a place of respect.

And if anyone has any suggestions for drinks I might enjoy, besides a Caramel Machioto and a Caramel Frappucino (since I actually like those - see, I don't hate Starbucks or its patrons), let me know. I'm always up for trying something new.


Dad said...

I think I have had two cups of coffee from Starbucks. One because I didn't know any better and one because I was desparate. I think it is worst coffee that I've ever had, and to those who like it, I hope one day they get to drink some good coffee.

Elyow'eynay said...

To disagree or Not to disagree..thats the question and the answer is to disagree. I love Starbucks! I love the emense POWER i have when I hold that tan and green cup in my hand with the logo of some weird smokey woman on it. I really like the lid on top. Because even though I know that I have ordered a Grande Caffe' Mocha...with its delicious coffee topped off with whipped cream and streaks of chochlate syrup....I like the great suprise of knocking back that first tasted and the coffee breaking through the whipped cream and creating a powerful expirience for my poor tastebuds.
Dramatic huh? Thankyou thankyou, no applause please.

But the upside of Starbucks is this....people who can NEVER make decisions in their lives..have this great sense of self gratification when they order at Starbucks. A person can make 3-4 choices for one order!
Tall, Non-fat, Soy, Latte.
Or Grande, Decaf, Mocha Latte.
How awesome is that for people who can't even make the decision whether to go to a 8:30 or 9:00 movie!!!

Oh how great it is.
However i do believe that Starbucks, as I was telling this to Table of Stone and Owl of the Desert that they and wal-mart and wallgreens are propably the 3 companies that will make up the 666 in the one world currency. Can't buy or sell anything with a card from Wal-Star-Greens.


Owl of the Desert said...

Maybe that, too, is a reason I dislike Starbucks. Too many choices. I stare at the board, and it takes me forever to make a decision. Then, the people working gave you a stare, like you should know what you want with a gazillion choices.

Hmmm...that is an idea, though. Go to Starbucks, just for the practice of making decisons. :-)

Table of Stone said...

I must agree with elyow'eynay (thank you for making a name that is impossible to spell) when I say that I LOVE STARBUCKS!! And the POWER one feels when they order a Skim White Chocolate Mocha with a shot of marshmallow and no topping is indescrible and must be experienced by all. NO Owl of the Desert you cannot go up and stare at the board and get any pleasure from Starbucks. I suggest that you get friends not strangers to suggest a drink and continue to try until you find one you like. It is a sad world for one who will never feel the power of Starbucks because they are insecure about ordering or because they have tried it few times and have yet to find the coffee they like. The reason they have so many choices is because not everyone likes the same thing. Coffee is personal and you have to make it that way to enjoy it!

foreverlastinglife said...

i really like the java chip frappucino with mint. i cant drink black coffee. its just disgusting. :) owl of the desert, who are you? i've been to the PB church in Jasper once...did i meet you there?

Owl of the Desert said...

Foreverlastinglife, thanks for the coffee suggestion. I'll try that, although maybe without the mint.

My name is Laura Kitchens. I'm not sure who you are, though. We probably did meet at Jasper, but I can tell you more once I know who you are.

Something Creative said...

Yknow, I didn't like the Caramel Macchiatto. Too much coffee, not enough caramel. But some good stuff:

White Chocolate Mocha Latte
Vanilla Steamer (no coffee in it, actually, just like vanilla and milk)
Frappucinos, because I'm a sellout.

Yeah, we have a starbucks on campus now, but I really dont like it, and never go there.