Thursday, April 28, 2005

Blackberry Winter

I did not know what "blackberry winter" was until last night. I was speaking with a lady from Bethlehem PB who is somewhere in her 80's about the weather we've been having recently (sounds like a boring topic, I know, but it started with another conversation about yard work). She mentioned that we have been having a blackberry winter. I guess she could tell I was confused. She went on to explain that a blackberry winter occurs when one experiences prolonged winter weather, into the month of April. There must be a week or so of cold weather after it has warmed up a bit (if I understood correctly) in order to have blackberries during the summer months. Definitely describes the weather we've been having lately. Warm one week, and cold the next. While it has been, at times, frustrating trying to decide what to wear during these indecisive weather months, I can now look forward to blackberries in the summer. And, using the term blackberry winter in the years to come.

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Dad said...

Probably another one of those many things I should pay more attention. However, having heard my grandparents and Mom & Dad mention blackberry winter all my life, the discussion usually revolved around a cold snap during April, sometimes as late as the 3rd weekend in May. This was after you had already experienced spring type warm weather and was usually the last cold weather before have the spring into summer type weather.