Friday, November 05, 2010

Whew...that was a long break!

It seems I have been away for a few months.  And I have missed you.  So, let me explain...

Sometime after my last post, my computer decided to go CRAZY on me.  It started by shutting down on its own.  And failing every time I wanted to run media, or a large application.  Seeing as my lappy is eight years old, I began to be concerned.  So, I researched my little problem.  I discovered after searching several sites that it appears that my screen is trying to go bad...something about the battery being next to the driver and over time it just goes bad.  As unfortunate as this sounds, I began to feel very blessed the more I read.  Most owners had lost their screens within 3 years.  And the manufacturer had stopped making a replacement at this point.  So, as I said, having had mine for 8 years, I felt very blessed.  But, all this information didn't solve my problem.  I disabled my driver, but now my screen will often appear in a checker-board pattern.  And, it appears the only solution will be to break down and buy a new lappy.  This has not happened yet.

So, my computer spends most of its days looking pretty on my desk, untouched.  I'm hoping for some good holiday sales.  Some REALLY GOOD holiday sales.

And then, I will return.  (Or post from an alternative computer.)  Until then, my apologies.

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Kelly Spezzano said...

We have missed you too! Praying for a really good deal for you! :)