Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I finally joined the masses and went to see Avatar yesterday at the recommendation of a Mr. Logan G., among others.  I went with a friend to the 11:15 am 3D showing, hoping to get a matinee price, which we did.  But, being 3D, it only helped a little.

Everyone I had spoken to did not have much to say about the plot, but rather spoke about the beauty of this film. And I have to agree - this is a beautiful film.  James Cameron's creativity and terrific cinematography shine through, and the actors portraying the various characters were spot on. 

Pandora is a beautiful world, and whether you consider yourself a tree-hugger or not, I think saving Pandora and it's native people is a cause you can get behind.  Think, saving the rainforest.  Have you ever heard anyone say, "No, we should destroy the rainforest.  Destroy, destroy!"  No.  Why?  Because of the diverse life that lives there, and the possiblities it holds to cure diseases, etc.  There are other plot depths that make this an interesting film and has probably fueled additional controversy, but I think it's worth seeing for yourself and making the decision.

And do go see it in the theater.  Even if it's the dollar theater.  You want to see it at its biggest and fullest. 

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Amy said...

If Mr. Logan G. recommends it, I should go see it. But, it may be too late.