Friday, July 24, 2009

These conversations are my favorite

On the way home from church Wednesday night, the following conversation was started:

Austin: Who would win in battle, Harry Potter or Optimus Prime? I don't think Avada Kedavra would work on Optimus.

Me: Well, Harry wouldn't use Avada Kedavra anyways.

Austin: Optimus has the big cannon, so you would have to stop that.

Brett: What if Harry used Petrificalous (? - the petrifying one)

Me: I don't think that would work either. I think it only works on organisms - living things. Optimus is made of metal.

Brett: Could he use Reducto?

Me: That could work. Just make him a lot smaller.

Austin: He still has the cannon. What's the spell Professor Umbridge used to make the wall explode? Harry might could use that on Optimus.

Brett: I think Harry would win.

Austin: I think Optimus would win.


Kelly Spezzano said...

HaHa! Those are such fun conversations! My nephew, Brady, would def say OP would win! He LOVES transformers!

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Yep, Brady would def. say Prime would win. And I'm sure he would have a very good explanation too! :-)

Dani said...

All I have to see is, that I've read the last book, so I agree with Brett. Harry would definately win.

Dani said...

Sara and I were talking today and we want to know who would win - Chuck Norris or Superman?