Thursday, March 06, 2008

Building My Library

My parents bought me a new bookshelf for Christmas. I had two that were already full and overflowing with books, so I was very thankful and excited when I got it. However, I had no way of transporting the unassembled bookshelf to Birmingham where I live since I drive a car. And, the first part of the year was really busy in general. So, at the middle of February, nothing had still been done. We finally were able to load it up in my parents' van, and mom brought it out here one night. A week later we assembled it. And, about a week later, it is now in place and filled with books.

The middle bookshelf is the new one. They didn't have the exact same model as my previous two, but this one is very close. The only difference is the top molding.

I had to take all my books out of the other two bookshelves to move the bookshelves around a little. So, here they are piled in the living room floor.

And, this is the final outcome. I was really pleased with the way they turned out. We have a little space now where we can put a few pictures, etc. Although, if I know my addiction, it won't be long before that space is filled, too. :-)


Dani said...

OOOOOO, I'm impressed they are beautiful.

I think this is the part that I dread most about moving, is moving the books.

Kelly Spezzano said...

WOW, that's a TON of books! The book cases look nice (I would never have guessed the shelves weren't identicle. They look exactly alike in the photo)

strem said...

Your bookshelves are beautiful. I wish I were there to check out your collection and maybe borrow a few. (Of course, you can borrow some of mine, too!)