Wednesday, February 27, 2008

FL Fellowship Meeting

We had so much fun at the FL Fellowship Meeting two weeks ago. I have been feeding off the sermons and the good fellowship ever since I got back. Below are some pictures I took while we were there. (Sorry they're so late!)

Brystal and John

Mom and I

Gary and Danielle

Kelly and Jim

John and I

Dad and a fellow meeting attendee

A great group of young people

Thank you so much to everyone for your kind hospitality while we were there. I really enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones. And, it was great to put so many faces to names I have heard from my parents' visits down there. It seems unfair that we have to live 8-10 hours away, but it makes our visits together that much sweeter!

I don't have my notebook with me here at work, otherwise I'd join in posting what I listed as the sermon titles. I think it's really neat to see how so many people can pull so many different things from one sermon, and have a totally different subject title in some cases. And, even if the subject is the same, your mind can be pulled in different directions as the Spirit leads you. Praise the Lord when we are blessed as individuals when the sermon mixes with what we've been studying or praying about in such a unique manner!

I am marking the meeting on my calendar for next year, and do hope to attend. Until then, we have a meeting the 4th weekend of April. Please do come visit us! We would love to see you!

(And, if your calendar tends to get full...we also have a meeting the 3rd weekend in November!)


Dani said...

Gary and me, along with Rachel and Sara are planning to drive up for it, and I'm thinking that Kelly and Jim are going to cheat and fly up.

What time is it starting or do you know yet?

Lil. Bit said...

I'm glad that ya'll got to come down finally! It certainly was a blessed weekend! I'm glad that you got to bring Brother John with ya! He is deff. a character! :) Come back and see us sometime soon!

Kelly Spezzano said...

It's not definite, but I think we are going to fly... that way we could get in some really good visiting time! :) Hopefully we don't get the same plane you guys had :)

strem said...

Sounds like you were so blessed. I know I've heard many good reports from many good members. I'm so happy we were able to speak on the phone, and I hope it is just the first of many visits to come!