Thursday, March 08, 2007

Child-like realization

A recent conversation had with one of my friends in pharmacy school:

Friend: I went to see Babel last night.

Me: Yea, what was it about?

Friend: Oh! It was really cool, my boyfriend was explaining to me about how it was this mythology about these people who were building this huge tower to heaven and how the "gods" didn't want them to so he confused their languages so they couldn't talk.

Me: That's not a mythology! That's in the Bible, it happened. God said it did.

Everytime I think about this conversation I laugh at myself. "It happened, God said it did"
Oh, I think sometimes we forget not everybody grew up in God-based/Bible-based home. For that matter, I think we forget sometimes that not EVERYONE is christian. So that was my child-like realization for the week. Do you ever have those? Share.


Dani said...

What's even funnier, is that Babel has nothing to do with the Tower of Babel except that everyone in it speaks a different language.

I seem to have lots of these moments. Where I go silly, God said that already. Then realize that they really didn't realize that, or necessarily believe in him. Craziness huh?

ShowJumper said...

***Chuckles*** We all have our moments.........I guess it happens even more to us who are preachers daughters, it has for me anyway....more times then I can count!