Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm it

Seven things...

to do before I die:

-run a marathon
-create a drug that cures cancer
-live in New York and run a bookstore
-have a house in Cades Cove
-drive a motorcycle
-open a five star hotel somewhere cool

I cannot do:

-stay up ALL night
-get rejected from pharmacy school (nope cannot do it)
-be a Bama fan
-take a serious picture
-be something i'm not
-swing my chair on the top of a ferris wheel
-draw in 3D

that attracted me to my spouse (assuming I had one)

-his inward and outward passion for Christ
-his maturity(encompasses alot more)
-he likes to play
-his love for my family
-his compassion for others
-he has goals for himself and for us
-his love for kids
(I only get

i say most often:

-Let's be honest...
-It's true.
-Pansy (you stole it from me :)

seven books i love:
-The Holy Bible (KJV-just a plug in)
-The Hiding Place
-The Chosen
-Polar Express
-my Chemistry textbook
-A Time Traveler's Wife
-Pride and prejudice
( there we go a variety)

seven movies i could watch over and over:
-Finding Neverland
-Sense and Sensibility
-A League of their Own
-Surf Ninjas
-Buttercream Gang
-Back to the Future I II and III
-October Sky

people i want to tag
-whoevers reading this and feels left out


Hiari Shouts said...

you should have no problem finding a spouse

Owl of the Desert said...

This should be funny...I'm about to post mine, and we have some that are the same, and some that are very different. (Don't worry...I finished it last night before seeing yours.) I love're the best sister a girl could have.

Elyow'eynay said...

Ok how funny is it that you keep getting random people commenting on your posts!

And live in New York and run a book store? What?!? where did this come from? Interesting though....not too shabby an interest.

Oh and p.s. I did not steal that from you and you stole WHATEVER from me!(i think) or maybe it was equal you and me I dont know.


Table of Stone said...

apparently random people find me huh?